Jack and the Beanstalk:

Magog lived a long and honorable life. After seventy years, he rose to the position of the giant judge. He told Jack with sincerity, “I have witnessed a hundred years of this world. You are a good man. I cherish our friendship.” He smiled at his son with admiration, “You have grown into a magnificent man. I am proud of you.” Jack said to the old giant who had white hair, “You are a wise and gentle giant. I respect you.” Jack spoke to him with affection. Magog had one hundred sons. He said to them nicely, “You are my pride and joy. You have inherited my strength and courage.” Magog went to Jack’s house and said, “I have come to visit you, my friend. I have brought you some gifts from myland.” Magog was too big to fit inside the house jack’s mum asked where are your hundred sons Magog replied to her