Jack and the Beanstalk:

ack said, “We are safe. Let’s go to my home. My mother will welcome you. You will be happy there.” Isabella said, “Thank you, Jack. You are my hero. You have saved me from a terrible fate. I will go with you. You are my love. You have won my heart.” They hugged and kissed. They ran to Jack’s home and lived happily ever after.

Magog lived a long and honorable life. After seventy years, he rose to the position of the giant judge. He told Jack with sincerity, “I have witnessed a century of this world. You are a good man. I cherish our friendship.” He smiled at his son with admiration, “You have grown into a magnificent man. I am proud of you.” Jack said to the old giant who had white hair, “You are a wise and gentle giant. I respect you.” Jack said kindly to him. Magog had one hundred sons he said to them nicely Magog went jack’s house and said