Jack and the Beanstalk

Many years later, a new Jack heard from his forefather about the adventures of the first Jack and the beanstalk. He was curious and wanted to see the land of the giants for himself. He searched for a long time until he found a magic bean that had been hidden by his ancestor. He planted it in his garden and waited for it to grow. The next day, he saw a huge beanstalk reaching up to the sky. He climbed it and reached the top. There he saw a vast land full of castles, forests, and mountains. He also heard a loud roar that shook the ground. He followed the sound and came to a huge castle. He knocked on the door and a man opened it. He was very tall and had a fierce face. He said, “Who are you and what do you want?” Jack told him his name and that he had climbed the beanstalk. The man looked surprised and said, “You are the son of the thief who stole my brother’s hen and harp. I am Magog, the head of the giants. You have come to the wrong place, boy. You will pay for your father’s crimes.” He grabbed Jack and threw him into a dungeon. He locked the door and said, “I will deal with you later. You will make a nice snack for me and my friends.” He left Jack alone in the dark.

Jack was scared and regretted his curiosity. He wished he had never climbed the beanstalk. He looked around the dungeon and saw a small window. He crawled to it and saw a beautiful girl outside. She was wearing a ragged dress and had a sad expression. She was carrying a basket of flowers. She saw Jack and said, “Who are you and how did you get here?” Jack told her his name and his story. She said, “You are very brave, but also very foolish. This is the castle of Magog, the most powerful and cruel of the giants. He rules this land with an iron fist. He has many prisoners here, including me. I am Isabella, the daughter of the king of this land. Magog kidnapped me and forced me to be his servant. He killed my father and my brothers. He is planning to marry me against my will. I hate him with all my heart.” She looked at Jack with pity and said, “You are in great danger. Magog will eat you or worse. You must escape before it is too late. I will help you. I have a key to the dungeon. I will come back tonight and set you free. But you must promise me one thing. You must take me with you. I want to leave this place and never come back. Will you do that?” Jack nodded and said, “I promise. I will take you with me. Thank you for your kindness. You are very brave and beautiful.” Isabella smiled and said, “Thank you. You are very kind and handsome. I will see you tonight. Be ready.” She left Jack and went back to her work.

That night, Isabella came back to the dungeon. She unlocked the door and let Jack out. She said, “Follow me. I know a secret passage that leads to the beanstalk. We must be quick and quiet. Magog and his friends are having a feast in the hall. They are drunk and sleepy. This is our chance.” She took Jack by the hand and led him through the castle. They reached the secret passage and entered it. It was dark and narrow. They walked for a long time until they saw a light at the end. They came out of the passage and saw the beanstalk. Jack said, “We made it. We are free. Come on, let’s go down.” He climbed the beanstalk and helped Isabella up. They slid down the beanstalk and reached the ground. Jack said, “We are safe. Let’s go to my home. My mother will welcome you. You will be happy there.” Isabella said, “Thank you, Jack. You are my hero. You have saved me from a terrible fate. I will go with you. You are my love. You have won my heart.” They hugged and kissed. They ran to Jack’s home and lived happily ever after. Magog grew old he said kindly to jack seventy years later he was now the giant judge he said nicely