Charlie Damelio and Addison Rae fight

Everybody knows the altercation and online beef Charlie Damelio and Addison Rae had, although not a lot of people knew that they actually had a fight, until recently. Addison Rae was doing a GRWM and answering viewers questions. One of the questions the viewers had was, “What is the friendship between you and Charlie.” She then went on to say that they dont have any connection anymore after Charlie was the things that happened between them, and they didnt have a bond, and she later had said that Charlie had a attitude with her one day while they were hanging out to make content with Jordan Matter, and Charlie pushed her shoulder so she pushed Charlie back, and after a couple of pushes between them, they ended up fighting. Addison went on to say thats actually how Charlie had a broken nose, and that Charlie cant fight, and she doesnt think there will be any fixing their friendship after their networks heard about the fight, and think that its toxic for them to talk to each other, or make content together. She later in the video saying she wishes the best to Charlie and her family, but she doesnt think she will ever to talk to Charlie. She said, “Once again, theres a lot of stuff that happened off camera, that I just dont want to speak on right now at this moment, but just know not everyone is who they seem to be, especially on social media.” Then she ended the TikTok with blowing a kiss.