the policeman with a small head

There was a nameless policeman whose head had shrunk
He said his helmet was too big for him
He tried to adjust it with some tape and glue
But it still kept falling off his head, oh what to do?

He went to the doctor to find out the cause
But the doctor just laughed and said “It’s because
You’ve been working too hard and stressing too much
You need to relax and have some fun, or such”

The policeman was puzzled, he didn’t understand
How could his head shrink just because of his job demand?
He decided to follow the doctor’s advice
And look for some activities that were nice

He joined a yoga class and a knitting club
He learned to play the guitar and the tuba
He made some new friends and had a blast
He forgot about his worries and his past

But one day he noticed something strange
His head was growing back to its normal range
He was happy and relieved, he felt like a winner
But now he had another problem: his helmet was too small for him
his head grew this time his feet shank to boy’s size he became PC Paul