the old lady’s new slippers

ne Christmas Eve, some forest animals stumbled upon a pile of sweets and presents on the ground. They realized that they had fallen out of Santa’s sack, which had a hole in it. The animals enjoyed the sweets, but there was one gift that none of them wanted: a pair of new slippers. They decided to give them to Goblin, who lived nearby. But when Goblin tried them on, he found that they were too big for him. He suggested that they might fit the old lady who lived in a cottage not far from there. The animals agreed and brought the slippers to the old lady’s door. The old lady was delighted to see the unexpected visitors and the lovely slippers. She thanked the animals and put them on. They fit her perfectly.The old lady was overjoyed to see the friendly animals and the lovely slippers. “Oh, thank you so much for this wonderful gift!” she exclaimed. “They are just what I need for this cold winter. Come in, come in, and let me make you some tea and cookies.” She invited the animals into her cozy cottage and put on the slippers. They fit her perfectly. As she was making tea, she noticed that the slippers had a tag that said “From Santa”. She realized that the slippers were meant for her all along, and that the animals had brought them to her by mistake. She felt a surge of gratitude and decided to do something nice for them in return. She took out her sewing kit and mended Santa’s sack with her finest stitches. She wrote a note to Santa, explaining what had happened and thanking him for the slippers. She put the note and the sack in a big basket and asked the deer to deliver it to Santa. The deer agreed and ran off with the basket. The old lady smiled and hugged the other animals. “You have made this Christmas the best one ever,” she said. “You are all welcome to stay here as long as you like.” The animals were happy and grateful too. They enjoyed the tea and cookies and spent the night in the old lady’s warm and comfortable cottage. They had a wonderful time together and became the best of friends. And Goblin got a new coat from the animals