the old lady’s new slippers

One Christmas Eve, some forest animals stumbled upon a pile of sweets and presents on the ground. They realized that they had fallen out of Santa’s sack, which had a hole in it. The animals enjoyed the sweets, but there was one gift that none of them wanted: a pair of new slippers. They decided to give them to Goblin, who lived nearby. But when Goblin tried them on, he found that they were too big for him. He suggested that they might fit the old lady who lived in a cottage not far from there. The animals agreed and brought the slippers to the old lady’s door. The old lady was delighted to see the unexpected visitors and the lovely slippers. She thanked the animals and put them on. They fit her perfectly. the old lady mended Santa’s sack he was really pleased with what she had done Santa said how can i ever repay you