Shock for noddy

e policeman said, “You need money to buy things in Toyland, not violence.” The goblins said, “We did nothing wrong. Why did you put us in prison?” The policeman let Noddy and Big Ears go. He sent them home, back to Big Ears’ house. They were very happy. The goblins were left behind bars. They complained to the policeman, but he ignored them. Noddy had cocoa at Big Ears’ house. He said, “This is the best day ever.” The goblins said to the policeman, “You are unfair and cruel. You should let us go too. We are not bad toys. We just like to have fun.” you need prison you bad goblins he said rudely noddy and big ears said drinking cocoa then bed the goblins gave a newspaper to the policeman he said the end of the story