mr bean

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ointment Mr. Bean oversleeps and starts doing his morning routine, and it’s only when he goes to get his suit in the closet that he realizes he is late for his dental appointment. To save time, Bean decides to leave in his pajamas and get dressed and brush his teeth on the way (almost forgetting to tuck Teddy back in and tiptoeing out so as not to wake him). He uses a brick to hold down the accelerator while he changes, accidentally sounding the car horn with his foot and going several times around a roundabout. he has nobody to dress him because his lonely Bean also brushes his teeth putting toothpaste on the dashboard and shooting screenwash into his mouth to rinse it, then spits it out; it lands on/above a man’s buttcrack, causing him to think it’s from a bird but then looks confused when he realizes it smells minty. Getting out of his car checking if he’s got any parking time left, Bean comes across a parking attendant lady, who looks down, only for him to realize his pajama trousers are sticking out from his fly. So Bean hurriedly pulls them out and sticks them through the opening of his car’s window, and looks down on her, zipping it up. He is then seen heading into the dentist’s office. meaning to return them later when he gets home that is