Junky the frog

I can generate more of the story for you, if you like. 😊

Here is the next part of the story:

Sly One the gnome sneaked behind Junky the frog
And whispered in his ear, “Hey, do you want to play a game, you silly bog?”
Junky the frog was curious and said, “What kind of game?”
Sly One the gnome smiled and said, “It’s very simple and fun, just follow my name”

He told Junky the frog to close his eyes and count to ten
And then to jump as high and far as he can
Junky the frog agreed and did what he was told
But he did not know that Sly One the gnome had opened the window and let the cold air in the toys saw a policeman Sly one was going to hurt junky the jumping frog but he hit the policeman by mistake