Junky the frog

Junky the frog counted to ten and then jumped with all his might
He felt the wind in his face and the thrill in his heart
But he soon realized that he was not landing on the floor
He was flying out of the window and towards the street below

The toys saw what was happening and shouted in alarm
They tried to warn Junky the frog, but it was too late
He was already out of their sight and out of their reach
They felt angry and sad at the same time
They blamed Sly One the gnome for his cruel trick
And wished they could save their friend from his fate

Sly One the gnome laughed wickedly and ran to the window
He wanted to see Junky the frog fall into the trash can
He thought it would be hilarious and fun
But he did not notice that there was a policeman walking by
He bumped into him and knocked him down
The policeman was not amused and grabbed him by the collar
He asked him what he was doing and why he was causing trouble
Sly One the gnome tried to escape, but it was no use
He was caught red-handed and had to face the consequences the policeman he was very angry he said rudely