Jeffery the crab

“Tea?” the fish asked, offering Jeffery a cup of steaming seaweed tea.
Jeffery smiled and said, “Sure, why not? I have some time before my next delivery.” He was a human now and he was pleased. He had always dreamed of becoming a human and exploring the world beyond the sea. He had found a magic pearl that granted his wish, but only for a day. He decided to make the most of his time and deliver gifts to his friends in the ocean.
He thanked the fish for the tea and got back into his delivery van. He drove along the ocean and met people by the seaside. He saw children playing with sandcastles, couples walking hand in hand, and vendors selling ice cream and souvenirs. He felt a surge of joy and curiosity. He stopped at a beach and got out of his van. He walked towards the water and felt the sand between his toes and the breeze on his face. He saw a group of dolphins jumping and splashing in the waves. He waved at them and they waved back. He recognized some of them as his old friends from the coral reef. He shouted, “Hey, guys! It’s me, Jeffery! I’m a human for a day!”
The dolphins were amazed and delighted to see him. They swam closer to the shore and greeted him. They asked him how he became a human and what he was doing. He told them about the magic pearl and his delivery job. He said he had a gift for them from their cousin in the coral reef. He opened his van and took out a large box. He carried it to the water and opened it. Inside, there were dozens of colorful balls, frisbees, and other toys. He said, “These are for you. Have fun!”
The dolphins were overjoyed and thanked him. They took the toys and started playing with them. They invited Jeffery to join them. He said, “I’d love to, but I have to go. I have more deliveries to make and I don’t have much time left. Maybe I’ll see you again someday.”
He hugged them and said goodbye. He got back into his van and drove away. He looked at his watch and saw that he had only a few hours left as a human. He wondered what else he could see and do. He smiled and said to himself, “This is the best day of my life.” he was a human for ever