Desford the whale and bob the Merfish

Bob woke up in a cave that was not his own. He looked around and saw a pool that was not his own. He saw rocks, seaweed, shells, and fish. He did not see any milk or people.

He got up and walked to the pool. He saw a reflection that was not his own. He saw a head, a mane, a tail, and a fin. He did not see any legs or arms.

He felt a pain in his chest. He tried to remember what had happened. He remembered being a man. He remembered being a milkman. He remembered working with Desford. He remembered dying in a truck. He did not remember anything else.

He heard a splash in the pool. He turned and saw a creature that was not his own. The creature was half woman and half fish. She had long hair, scales, and a tail. She had a smile that said “Friend”.

“Good morning, Bob. Are you ready for breakfast?” the creature said.

“Breakfast?” Bob said.

“Yes, breakfast. You are a Mer horse, remember? You eat fish and seaweed. You have been doing it for years. You are the best Mer horse in the world. Come on, let’s go. The ocean is waiting outside.” the creature said.

“Ocean?” Bob said.

“Yes, ocean. You swim in the ocean that covers the whole world. You have a home that is under the sea. You have a family that loves you. You have a mate that helps you with everything. That’s me. I’m your mate. I’m Lily. Don’t you remember me?” the creature said.

“Lily?” Bob said.

“Yes, Lily. We have been together for years. We are mates. We are like one. How can you not remember me? Are you feeling okay, Bob? You look pale. Do you need some water? Do you need some milk?” the creature said.

“Milk?” Bob said.

“Yes, milk. You hate milk. You say it makes you sick and weak. You say it reminds you of your past. You say it is the worst thing in the world. Here, have some fish. It will make you feel better.” the creature said.

She handed Bob a fish. Bob took it and looked at it. He felt a strange sensation. He felt a flash of memory. He remembered being a man. He remembered delivering milk to the people. He remembered driving a truck with Desford. He remembered being happy.

He opened his mouth and ate the fish. He felt a surge of magic. He saw things that he had not seen before. He realized that the fish was magical and that it could take him back to his world. He wanted to go back to his home, his work, and his friend. He wanted to be a man again.

He ate the whole fish and threw the bones away. He ran to the pool and jumped in. He swam towards the ocean and left the cave, the rocks, the seaweed, and the shells behind. He followed the fish’s direction and swam towards the shore. He reached the land and swam into the river. He felt a whirlpool that sucked him in and took him to another realm. He came out in the town that was his own. He saw the street, the cars, the bikes, and the people. He saw his home, his work, and his friend. He saw wonders that he could believe.

He was so happy and relieved that he forgot everything else. He forgot the pool, the cave, the ocean, and the fish. He forgot the hair, the scales, the tail, and the fin. He forgot the home, the family, the mate, and the love. He forgot Lily.

He remembered who he was. He was Bob. He was a man. He was alive.

He lived in a strange and beautiful world, with a pair of green spectacles in his eyes. On the road was Desford who had been turned into a milkman with bob