Desford the whale

Desford woke up in a bed that was not his own. He looked around and saw a room that was not his own. He saw a closet, a dresser, a mirror, and a window. He saw a picture of a woman and a child on the nightstand. He did not recognize them.

He got up and walked to the window. He saw a street that was not his own. He saw cars, buses, bikes, and people. He saw shops, cafes, parks, and buildings. He did not know where he was.

He felt a pain in his head. He tried to remember what had happened. He remembered being a whale. He remembered finding a pair of green spectacles. He remembered visiting the Emerald City of Oz. He remembered dying in a river. He did not remember anything else.

He heard a knock on the door. He opened it and saw a man who was not his own. The man was wearing a blue uniform and a cap. He had a badge that said “Milkman”. He had a smile that said “Friend”.

“Good morning, Desford. Are you ready for work?” the man said.

“Work?” Desford said.

“Yes, work. You are a milkman, remember? You deliver milk to the people in this town. You have been doing it for years. You are the best milkman in the world. Come on, let’s go. The truck is waiting outside.” the man said.

“Truck?” Desford said.

“Yes, truck. You drive a truck that carries the milk. You have a route that covers the whole town. You have a list of customers that order the milk. You have a partner that helps you with the delivery. That’s me. I’m your partner. I’m Bob. Don’t you remember me?” the man said.

“Bob?” Desford said.

“Yes, Bob. We have been working together for years. We are friends. We are like brothers. How can you not remember me? Are you feeling okay, Desford? You look pale. Do you need some water? Do you need some milk?” the man said.

“Milk?” Desford said.

“Yes, milk. You love milk. You drink milk every day. You say it makes you strong and healthy. You say it reminds you of your mother. You say it is the best thing in the world. Here, have some milk. It will make you feel better.” the man said.

He handed Desford a bottle of milk. Desford took it and looked at it. He felt a strange sensation. He felt a flash of memory. He remembered being a whale. He remembered drinking milk from his mother. He remembered swimming in the ocean. He remembered being happy.

He opened the bottle and drank the milk. He felt a surge of magic. He saw things that he had not seen before. He realized that the milk was magical and that it could take him back to his world. He wanted to go back to his home, his friends, and his family. He wanted to be a whale again.

He drank the whole bottle and threw it away. He ran to the truck and got in. He started the engine and drove away. He left the man, the room, the street, and the town behind. He followed the milk’s direction and drove towards the sea. He reached the shore and drove into the water. He felt a whirlpool that sucked him in and took him to another realm. He came out in the ocean that was his own. He saw the water, the fish, and the sky. He saw his home, his friends, and his family. He saw wonders that he could believe.

He was so happy and relieved that he forgot everything else. He forgot the spectacles, the city, the river, and the bed. He forgot the woman, the child, the picture, and the window. He forgot the uniform, the badge, the truck, and the milk. He forgot the man, the partner, the friend, and the brother. He forgot Bob.

He remembered who he was. He was Desford. He was a whale. He was alive.

He lived in a strange and beautiful world, with a pair of green spectacles in his eyes he took them off and he was the only milkman Bob had turned into a Mer horse he said