Desford the whale?

rd was a curious whale who loved to explore the ocean. He had seen many wonders and met many creatures in his travels, but he always wanted to see more. One day, he came across a strange object floating on the surface of the water. It was a pair of green spectacles that sparkled in the sun. Desford was fascinated by them and decided to try them on.

As soon as he put the spectacles on his eyes, he felt a strange sensation. He saw colors and shapes that he had never seen before. He realized that the spectacles were magical and that they could show him different worlds. He decided to use them to visit the Emerald City of Oz, a place he had heard about from a friendly dolphin.

He swam towards the horizon, following the spectacles’ guidance. He soon reached a whirlpool that sucked him in and transported him to another realm. He emerged in a river that flowed through a green and glittering city. He saw people and animals dressed in fancy clothes and hats. He saw a palace and a castle and a garden. He saw a lion, a scarecrow, and a tin man. He saw a girl with a dog and a witch with a broom. He saw a wizard and a balloon. He saw many amazing things that he had never imagined.

He was so happy and excited that he forgot about everything else. He forgot about his home and his friends and his family. He forgot that he was a whale and that he needed water to breathe. He forgot that he was wearing the spectacles and that they were the source of his adventure.

He swam around the city, trying to see everything. He greeted the people and the animals, but they were afraid of him. They ran away or hid from him. They thought he was a monster or a beast. They did not understand that he was just a friendly whale who wanted to have fun.

He did not notice their fear or their anger. He did not notice that he was getting tired and thirsty. He did not notice that the spectacles were getting loose and falling off. He did not notice that he was in danger.

He only noticed when it was too late. He noticed when he felt a sharp pain in his tail. He noticed when he saw a harpoon sticking out of his flesh. He noticed when he saw a boat full of men with guns and nets. He noticed when he saw the spectacles sinking to the bottom of the river. He noticed when he realized that he was trapped and alone.

He tried to escape, but he was too weak. He tried to call for help, but no one heard him. He tried to remember his home, but he could not. He tried to take off the spectacles, but he could not. He tried to live, but he could not. he turned into uncle henry and said