benny the horrid litte boy

Benny worked hard to help Mr. Jones clean up his garden and replant it. He learned how to water, weed, prune, and harvest the plants. He also learned how to identify different kinds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and how to use them for cooking, medicine, or decoration. He found out that gardening was not only fun, but also rewarding and relaxing.

He also became friends with Mr. Jones, who taught him many things about life, nature, and people. He told him stories about his travels, his hobbies, and his family. He showed him photos of his wife, who had passed away a few years ago, and his son, who lived in another country. He also introduced him to his dog, Rover, who was a friendly and loyal companion.

Benny liked Rover a lot. He would play with him, feed him, and take him for walks. He noticed that Rover was always happy, obedient, and grateful. He never complained, lied, or hurt anyone. He always wagged his tail, licked his face, and cuddled with him. He realized that Rover was a good boy, and that he wanted to be like him.

He started to change his behavior at home and at school. He stopped pulling pranks, teasing teachers, and disobeying parents. He started to do his homework, help with chores, and say please and thank you. He also started to be more friendly, polite, and respectful to his classmates, his teachers, and his neighbors. He apologized to those he had wronged, and tried to make up for his mistakes. He also shared his candy, his toys, and his stories with others.

Everyone noticed the difference in Benny. They were surprised and impressed by his transformation. They praised him, complimented him, and rewarded him. They also liked him, trusted him, and invited him. They said he was a good boy, and that he had learned his lesson.

Benny was happy and proud. He felt good about himself, and about his new life. He thanked Mr. Jones and Rover for helping him change. He also thanked his parents, his teachers, and his friends for giving him a second chance. He decided to keep being a good boy, and to never be horrid again. Benny went the police station and broke a window the policeman was