Shuber story

Grandpa smiled and kissed Shuber and Sarah on their cheeks. He felt a surge of love and gratitude for his grandchildren. They were the only family he had left, and they always made him happy. He looked at them with pride and admiration. They had grown up to be wonderful adults. Now Shuber was 30. He had a good job as a delivery driver. He drove a van all over the country, but he never forgot to call his grandpa every week. He always told him about his adventures and his dreams. He also sent him postcards and souvenirs from the places he visited. Grandpa loved hearing from Shuber and seeing the world through his eyes.
Hello, grandpa. How are you today?” Shuber asked, as he dialed the familiar number.

“I’m fine, my boy. How are you? How is work?” Grandpa answered, his voice warm and cheerful.

“I’m good, grandpa. Work is fine. I’m in London today. I have a big delivery to make.” Shuber said, smiling.

“That’s wonderful, Shuber. You are such a hard-working and responsible boy. I’m sure you do a great job.” Grandpa said, his eyes shining with pride.

“Thank you, grandpa. You are very kind.” Shuber said, feeling happy and grateful.

“Hey, Shuber. Do you have a minute? I have something to show you.” Grandpa said, his voice playful and mysterious.

“Sure, grandpa. What is it?” Shuber asked, curious.

“Wait a second. I’ll send you a picture.” Grandpa said, as he took out his phone and snapped a photo of the surprise he had prepared for Shuber.

“OK, grandpa. I’m waiting.” Shuber said, as he checked his phone.

“Did you get it?” Grandpa asked, eagerly.

“Yes, grandpa. I got it. Wow, grandpa. This is amazing. Is this what I think it is?” Shuber asked, excited.

“Yes, Shuber. It is. It’s a cake. A cake with your name and your picture on it. I made it for you. It’s your birthday today, remember?” Grandpa said, proudly.

“Of course I remember, grandpa. How could I forget? And you made this cake for me? Grandpa, this is the best gift ever. Thank you so much. I love you, grandpa.” Shuber said, his voice full of emotion.

“I love you too, my boy. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You make me happy and proud. You are my life and my soul.” Grandpa said, his voice full of love and gratitude. When Grandpa was 92 Shuber is middle aged and married to Sarah and had a son