New US Law Prevents Anyone with Insufficient Rizz From Voting in the Ohio Presidential Election

Former president Abraham Lincoln recently passed a law that will affect the whole country. Abraham Lincoln, known as the father of gastrointestinal art, has always had a thing for the people with extra rizz. For the boomers out there, rizz is defined as the ability to attract someone into a romantic relationship. The entire executive branch, the branch of the government that makes laws, has unanimously decided that to vote in the Ohio presidential election you need at least enough rizz to be considered mildly sigma. This might upset some of the more skibidi individuals out there, but it won’t really matter because if you are skibidi you live in north Dakota, and no one who lives in north Dakota can vote in the highly prestigious Ohio presidential election. Belgian blue cats, and miniature horses will also be affected by this very real law. “How?” You may ask. Well, you see, these types of animals are inferior to the invading and more dominant species of animals, the minecraft creeper. The US stated that minecraft creepers are now the national fruit of new jersey. This new proclamation has upset many of the creatures above because they want the aye-aye lemur to be the national fruit of new jersey. How will this new law affect you? That is for you and only you to decide. Channel 46 news signing out.