little reindeer

Little reindeer was too young to be with his mum and dad. “You will be a good deer for Auntie Ruth,” they reminded him as they went to help Santa. “Next year, you will be big enough to help us,” they said happily.

Little reindeer nodded and waved goodbye, tears welling up in his eyes. He felt a pang of sadness and loneliness in his heart. “I’ll miss you so much,” he whispered to his mum and dad.

Auntie Ruth was a kind and gentle deer, who lived in a cozy cottage in the woods. She welcomed little reindeer with a warm hug and a cup of hot cocoa. She told him stories of her adventures with Santa and the other reindeer. She showed him pictures of the places she had visited and the people she had met. She made him laugh with her jokes and songs, and soon little reindeer felt much better. He realized that Auntie Ruth was not just his aunt, but also his friend. He decided to make the best of his time with her, and learn from her wisdom and experience. He hoped that one day, he would be able to fly with his mum and dad, and make them proud.

Little reindeer had a lucky star. He told the lucky star to take him to Lapland with Santa. The lucky star twinkled and granted his wish. He flew across the sky, feeling the wind in his fur and the joy in his soul. He arrived at Santa’s workshop, where he saw his mum and dad waiting for him. They were overjoyed to see him and hugged him tightly. “Look who’s here,” Santa said with a smile. He gave little reindeer a glass of hot milk and a candy cane. “You are a very special deer, little reindeer. You have a big heart and a bright future. I’m proud of you,” Santa said.

Little reindeer thanked Santa and his lucky star. He was so happy to see his parents again. He told them how much he loved them and how much he missed them. They told him how proud they were of him and how much they loved him too. They kissed him on his forehead and told him to enjoy his time with Santa and the other reindeer.

Little reindeer joined the other reindeer in the workshop. They were curious about him and asked him many questions. He answered them politely and shyly. He was a bit nervous and scared, but he also felt excited and curious. He wanted to make friends with the other reindeer and learn from them.

He met Rudolph, the leader of the reindeer team. Rudolph was very friendly and kind to him. He complimented him on his shiny fur and his bright eyes. He told him that he had a lot of potential and that he could be a great flyer someday. He invited him to join him on a practice flight around the North Pole. Little reindeer was thrilled and agreed eagerly.

He followed Rudolph to the sleigh, where Santa was waiting for them. Santa smiled and winked at him. He told him to have fun and be careful. He gave him a red scarf and a pair of goggles to keep him warm and protect his eyes. He helped him buckle up and wished him good luck.

Little reindeer felt a surge of adrenaline as the sleigh took off. He felt the air rushing past his ears and the snowflakes tickling his nose. He looked around and saw the beautiful scenery of the North Pole. He saw the icebergs, the glaciers, the mountains, and the forests. He saw the northern lights, the stars, and the moon. He felt like he was in a dream.

He looked at Rudolph, who was flying next to him. Rudolph smiled and nodded at him. He told him to follow his lead and to trust his instincts. He taught him how to fly faster, higher, and smoother. He showed him how to do tricks and stunts. He challenged him to race and play with him. He praised him for his progress and encouraged him to keep trying.

Little reindeer felt a bond of friendship and respect with Rudolph. He admired him for his skill and his courage. He learned a lot from him and had a lot of fun with him. He felt more confident and happy. He felt like he belonged.

He flew back to the workshop, where his parents and Santa were waiting for him. They clapped and cheered for him. They told him how amazing he was and how proud they were of him. They hugged him and congratulated him. They told him that he had a gift for flying and that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Little reindeer thanked them and blushed. He told them that he had a wonderful time and that he learned a lot. He told them that he made a friend with Rudolph and that he wanted to fly with him again. They smiled and agreed. They told him that he could fly with Rudolph and the other reindeer anytime he wanted. They told him that he was part of the team and part of the family.

Little reindeer felt a wave of gratitude and happiness. He thanked his lucky star for making his wish come true. He knew his lucky star would be looking after him. He knew he had the best parents, the best friends, and the best life ever. He knew he was the luckiest reindeer in the world.