JaNvMPlazBedwars quitting yt

Hi Everyone im JaNvM’s Editor and i want to say that why he quited and why hes on google talking abt him having a death. so it started way back in 2017 jan, 27. He thought this yt channel c he thought that yt was just full of haters and theres no fans there just stupid ppl but me and my buddy told him truth or dare he said”truu…Dare…???” and we told him said that he had to make a yt channel at firs we thought he’ll get mad and wont be our friends anymore but he said sure! so he did so since 2017-2020 he started to have a little problems with his throat so he went to a place for a check up they said theres nothing wrong with so the next day he wasn’t talking or waking up in his bed he didnt even got up so me and my bros went to check on him his eyes were just white i was like wtf? and he he sit up told me whats wrong i said nothing so then the past 3 yrs he hasn’t been off but i was wrong 2023 oct 15. he had a heart attack and we took him to the hospitual and the next day he- CHECK MY VID TO SEE WHAT HAPPEN!<) the image shows his merch it still aviable intill next yr 2024 jan 15! and insted him having a smile face one i putten a sad face on it but if u would want to see more of this then it would be better if i explain it in the vid i did on his channel<)