Jane’s broken clock

*,** characters
and one night her alarm clock gave a shrill ring**.** “Don’t say I’m late for breakfast**,” said Jane.** “What’s the time**?** It’s still the middle of the night**.” Her dad heard her alarm clock ring and they went to the kitchen to check the kitchen clock.** “That clock had gone wrong as well**,” it said nine o’clock.** “It should be later**,” said her dad.** They went upstairs again**.** Her mum was cross with them**.** She made Jane go back to bed**,** saying “It’s time to get up when it’s light**.** Sleep-tight.” Next morning Jane was having breakfast,** she saw the milk jug was still “empty”. After breakfast her dad said**,** “I’ve wound up my watch**,** its hands won’t go round**.” Jane went to the clockmaker’s shop,** and he said**,** “Only Father Time would mend many clocks like this**.**”