Father Time and His Love for Clocks

Father Time and His Love for Clocks

Old Father Time, when he was a boy
Many, many years ago
He loved clocks, big ones, small ones
He loved to watch them go

He loved the tick, he loved the tock
He loved the chime, he loved the gong
He loved the hands, he loved the face
He loved the pendulum, he loved the song

He collected clocks of every kind
He had them in his room
He had them on the wall, he had them on the shelf
He had them on the floor, he had them on the roof

He fixed the clocks that were broken
He made them work again
He cleaned them, he polished them, he tested them
He made them shine and spin

He learned the secrets of the clocks
He learned how they were made
He learned the parts, he learned the functions
He learned the names, he learned the dates

He became the master of the clocks
He became the keeper of the time
He became the ruler of the past and future
He became the witness of the rhyme

He grew old and wise and powerful
He grew a beard and wings
He wore a robe and carried a scythe
He carried an hourglass or other timekeeping things

He became Father Time, the personification of time
He became the friend of truth and the enemy of none
He became the father of all wisdom and the teacher of all lessons
He became the legend of the ages and the mystery of the sun

But he never forgot his love for clocks
He never forgot his boyhood joy
He still loves clocks, big ones, small ones
He still loves to watch them go