Aunt Alice’s story

Aunt Alice told Tom that life on the farm in those days was very different from today. She said that they had to do a lot of hard work by hand or with horse-drawn equipment1. They had to clear the land, plant the seeds, water the crops, harvest the produce, and store the food. They also had to take care of the animals, feed them, milk them, shear them, and protect them from predators. They had to deal with the weather, the pests, the diseases, and the market prices. They had to make their own clothes, tools, furniture, and medicine. They had to be self-reliant, resourceful, and resilient.

But Aunt Alice also said that life on the farm in those days was very rewarding. She said that they had a strong sense of community, family, and faith. They helped each other, shared with each other, and celebrated with each other. They enjoyed the beauty of nature, the seasons, and the stars. They had fun with games, songs, stories, and dances. They learned from their elders, their peers, and their experiences. They had a deep appreciation for life, and a humble gratitude for God.

Aunt Alice said that life on the farm in those days was not easy, but it was meaningful. She said that she was happy, and she hoped that Tom would be happy too. She said that she loved him, and she gave him a hug. Old Tom was impressed