villians in black beauty

Skinner and Filcher are the antagonists of the film, who represent the cruelty and corruption of some humans towards animals and nature. Skinner is the owner of a coal mine whom he doesnt get arrested , where he forces horses to work in harsh conditions and whips them mercilessly. He is greedy and ruthless, caring only about his profits and not the welfare of his workers or animals. He meets his end when he falls off a cliff while trying to stop John Manly and the others from rescuing Black Beauty from his clutches. Filcher is a horse thief, who steals Black Beauty from his owner Jo Green and sells him to Skinner. He is dishonest and cowardly, lying about his identity and escaping justice. He is eventually caught by the police and arrested for his crimes. Both Skinner and Filcher are played by Matt Rippy and Max Raphael respectively in the 2020 film.