Tupac Shakur known to be in Africa

Tupac Shakur was assisted by the CIA in his escape from the US in a deal that was struck due to corrupt RAMPART officers being involved in his Vegas shooting on September 7th 1996 and clandestine FBI agents assisting in monitoring Shakur.

While recovering from serious gunshot wounds, Shakur was offered the chance to flee the US(and the pending charges from parole violation for the brawl with Orlando Anderson), a sizeable payout(rumoured to be similar to the $4.5m given to wrongly imprisoned Geronimo Ji Jaga), the ability to earn money via shadow companies setup by the CIA and immunity from future prosecution. In return, Shakur agreed to not expose the illegal operation against him.

The escape was facilitated by Dr Lovell and a CIA-linked coroner, who received an unclaimed cadaver from Davis mortuary in Vegas.

The exact location of Mr Shakur isn’t known but, it is believed that afyer rehabilitation in Cuba, he travelled to Tanzania, more specifically the Arusha/Imbaseni area where his godfather, Geronimo Ji Jaga(Pratt) had built a sprawling compound and education facility.

With the cosmetic surgery and new official identities given to the rap legend, it is believed he has travelled back to the United States but, spends the majority of his time in Cuba(where his godmother Assata Shakur is still a fugitive from the FBI), Tanzania and South Africa where he has written many screenplays, books and ghost writes songs by proxy for other artists under pseudonyms.

Unfortunately, the deal offered to Mr Shakur has not been extended to others and this is believed to have led to a number of suspicious deaths, including those involved in the original plot and those who have gotten too close to the truth.

One thing is for sure. Tupac lives on!