Trouble in store

Norman (played by Norman Wisdom) is the protagonist of the film. He is a clumsy and naive stock clerk who dreams of becoming a window dresser. He is also in love with Sally, a salesgirl in the store. He often gets into trouble with Mr. Freeman, the store manager, but also helps him catch the robbers who plan to steal from the store. He is a kind-hearted and funny character who makes people laugh with his antics.
Sally Wilson (played by Lana Morris) is the love interest of Norman. She works as a salesgirl in the store and is friendly and helpful to Norman. She also becomes suspicious of Miss Drew and her boyfriend Gerald, who are plotting to rob the store. She is kidnapped by them, but Norman rescues her and they end up together.
Peggy Drew (played by Moira Lister) is the personnel manager of the store and the main antagonist of the film. She is a cunning and greedy woman who flirts with Mr. Freeman to gain his trust, while secretly working with her boyfriend Gerald to rob the store. She also tries to sabotage Normanโ€™s chances of becoming a window dresser and getting close to Sally. She is eventually exposed and arrested by Mr. Freeman for her crimes.
Gerald (played by Derek Bond) is Peggyโ€™s boyfriend and accomplice in the robbery plot. He is a smooth-talking and handsome man who pretends to be interested in Sally to get information about the storeโ€™s security system. He also tries to get rid of Norman, who discovers their plan. He is caught by Norman and Sally and arrested by the police.
Miss Bacon (played by Margaret Rutherford) is a minor character who appears in the beginning and the end of the film. She is an eccentric and audacious shoplifter who steals items from the store and hides them in her suitcases. She befriends Norman, who helps her carry her luggage, unaware of her true nature. She later returns to the store to buy some items legitimately, but ends up stealing more things in the process.
Freeman the director of the of the store who doesn’t think of Norman only Peggy Drew