Trouble in store

reeman was the head of Burridge’s department store in the 1953 British comedy film Trouble in Store. He was portrayed by Jerry Desmonde, a British actor who appeared in many films and television shows, often as a pompous or snobbish authority figure. He was hired by the owner of Burridge’s, Sir Reginald Burridge (Edward Chapman), to improve the store’s efficiency and profitability. However, he soon found himself at odds with Norman (Norman Wisdom), a clumsy and mischievous stock clerk who had a crush on Sally Wilson (Lana Morris), a shopgirl. Freeman tried to fire Norman several times, but Norman always managed to redeem himself by helping the store or exposing a robbery plot. Freeman also had to deal with the advances of Peggy Drew (Moira Lister), the store’s personnel manager who was secretly involved in the robbery scheme. Freeman was a strict and serious character who often clashed with Norman’s antics and humor. He was also ambitious and eager to impress Sir Reginald, but he sometimes made mistakes or failed to notice the problems in the store. He was not a villain, but rather a foil for Norman’s heroism and charm. He was one of the main characters in the film and had a significant role in the plot and the comedy. he has Miss Drew arrested for all the trouble she’s caused