The wizard

the age-old question of whether Tony ever returned to his old world! 🌟✨ The answer lies in the folds of imagination, where portals shimmer and destinies intertwine.

In some tales, Tony remains forever ensnared by the magic of that otherworldly doorway. His ink-stained hands create wonders, and he dances with forgotten constellations. The townsfolk whisper, “Where did Tony go?” But they never find out.

Yet, in other versions, Tony yearns for home. He quests through enchanted forests, scales mountains of riddles, and seeks the elusive key to unlock the return path. Perhaps Roger reappears—the enigmatic traveler with cryptic advice. “Look beyond,” he says. And Tony does.

So, dear reader, choose your ending: Does Tony remain a wanderer or find his way back? The magic lies in your imagination. 🚪🌏📜

And as for Tony’s curious creations—printing things on his computer and crafting men out of cardboard—perhaps they hold secrets too. Maybe those cardboard men guard hidden passages or whisper forgotten spells. Silly? Perhaps. But remember, even the mundane can harbor magic if we dare to look beyond the ordinary along came Mr Mischief looking for mischief i will turn that wand into a carboard tube so he can’t catch a trains . ✨🖋️🌿