The Wizard who was lonely

ere was a wizard who couldn’t’ do anything. One day he went to the woods where he met elves who didn’t talk to him so did the pixies or the goblins in the wood who lived thereabout a old wizard who is ignored by the other magical creatures in the woods. The text tries to create a sense of sympathy for the wizard, who is lonely and wants to join the fun of the others. The text also introduces some common fantasy elements, such as elves, pixies, and goblins, who were very happy with themselves they didn’t take notice of the wizard so he went on his way one goblin said to the other goblins
they were cross with the wizard they only were happy with each other they didn’t like to talk to him Mr Plod was too he said to the goblins have a good evening he said no further he didn’t talk to the wizard who was very hurt and sad the Mr Plod didn’t tell the wizard what he had said to the pixies and elves