The story continued

He felt exhausted from driving his milkfloat all day. His legs were sore and his eyes were heavy. He longed to go home and rest on his sofa with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. He hoped that tomorrow would be a better day.

He had been up early that morning, delivering milk to people’s houses. He enjoyed his job, but it was hard work. He had to deal with traffic, weather, dogs, and sometimes rude customers. He always tried to be friendly and cheerful, but today he was feeling drained and weary.

When he reached home, his wife greeted him at the door. She looked worried and concerned. “Are you alright?” she asked. “You look terrible. You need to have a bath upstairs.”

He nodded and smiled weakly. He appreciated her care and love. He kissed her on the cheek and headed to the bathroom. He hoped that a hot shower would make him feel better.

Meanwhile, his neighbor, who was also his friend, came over to their house. She had noticed that the milkman was not his usual self. She wanted to help him out. She knocked on the door and spoke to his wife. “I’ll ring the dairy and ask them to send someone else to give him a break tomorrow,” she said. “He needs some rest and relaxation.”

The milkman’s wife thanked her profusely. She was grateful for her neighbor’s kindness and generosity. She knew that her husband worked hard to provide for their family. She wanted him to be happy and healthy today just then, two policemen came along and saw the milk boy who was recovering for him. His name was Bobby. He was a dear boy who liked the milkman. He asked, “Poor man, why isn’t he driving his milkfloat today?” The policeman said no he isn’t very well. I will call the doctor to cheer him up. so he did Later that day the doctor came with his daughter and his medical set he drove in his car
.The very next day the milkman was fit and well and up and dressed at dawn to start work