The party

“Just then, the baker came along. ‘Here’s your cakes,’ he said.”Lucy smiled and thanked the baker for the cakes. They looked delicious and had colourful sprinkles on top. She wondered what flavours they were. She decided to share them with her friends and guests later.

She looked around and saw that her mum had decorated the garden with balloons, streamers, and banners. There was a big sign that said “Happy Birthday Lucy!” in bright letters. Lucy felt happy and excited. She loved her mum and appreciated all the effort she had put into making her birthday special.

She saw some familiar faces among the crowd. There was her best friend Alice, who had brought her a teddy bear as a present. There was her teacher Mrs. Jones, who had given her a book of fairy tales. There was her neighbour Mr. Smith, who had made her a wooden puzzle. And there was her cousin Tom, who had come all the way from London to celebrate with her.

Lucy hugged them all and thanked them for their gifts. She felt lucky to have so many people who cared about her. She wondered who else would come to her party and what surprises they would bring.

She heard a loud honk from the street. She turned and saw a big red fire truck parked outside her house. She gasped in amazement. She loved fire trucks and firefighters. She ran to the gate and opened it. lucy was happy so was the baker he was elderly man

She saw a group of firefighters wearing helmets and uniforms. They waved at her and smiled. They had brought a huge cake shaped like a fire engine with candles on top. They also had a card that said “Happy Birthday Lucy! From your friends at the fire station.”

Lucy couldn’t believe it. She felt like she was dreaming. She ran towards them and hugged them one by one. They laughed and congratulated her on her birthday.

They carried the cake into the garden and placed it on a table next to the other cakes. They sang “Happy Birthday” to Lucy and invited her to blow out the candles. Lucy closed her eyes and made a wish.

She wished that this day would never end.

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