The party

e mayorness was a kind and friendly woman who had been elected last year. She had a lot of respect for the baker and his cakes. She had brought a medal for Lucy as a gift. She said, “Lucy, you are a very special girl. You have brought happiness and joy to many people in this town with your kindness and generosity. You have also shown courage and curiosity in exploring different worlds and dimensions. You deserve this medal of honour for being an amazing citizen.”

The firemen and policemen were also impressed by Lucy and her adventures. They had brought some gifts for her as well. They said, “Lucy, you are a very brave girl. You have faced many dangers and challenges in your journeys with your friends. You have also learned a lot about different cultures and creatures. You deserve these gifts of appreciation for being an awesome explorer.” they were also the hundreds and hundreds of strangers there too with there children with the lord mayor of London he was very happy and he shook her hand.

They gave Lucy some cool gadgets and tools that they used in their work. They also gave her some badges and hats that showed their ranks and roles. They said, “Lucy, you are welcome to join us anytime you want. You can visit our fire station and police station and see how we work. You can also ride in our fire truck and police car and help us with our missions. You are part of our team now.”

Lucy couldn’t believe it. She felt like she was dreaming. She thanked them all and hugged them one by one. They laughed and congratulated her on her birthday.

They joined the party and mingled with the other guests. They enjoyed the cakes and drinks that Lucy’s mum had prepared. They also listened to the stories that Lucy and her friends had to tell about their adventures.

They were all having a great time