The party

The day of the birthday party, Dad was very happy. He invited his children, waiters, and singers to perform at his party. The waiters came up with the party food and served it to the guests. The singers sang him happy birthday. Mum said, “Don’t forget to shave and have a hair cut.” Dad laughed and said, “I won’t forget.” “Here are sandwiches for the party,” the baker said smiling. Dad was thrilled. “Thanks very much for all your help,” he said to him. The postman came with birthday cards and presents for him. “You shouldn’t have,” he said gratefully. The children helped him open his gifts. He was surprised and delighted by their thoughtfulness. He realized that he had nothing to worry about at all. He had a wonderful family and friends who loved him. He hugged them all and thanked them for making his day special. he put on his dinner suit which was his birthday present from Fiona his freind who he worked with at the office he was very kind to her and loved her she has got a ponytail in her hair Happy birhday said Fiona to him kissing him on the cheek.He put on his dinner suit, which was his birthday present from Fiona, his friend who he worked with at the office. He was very kind to her and loved her. She had a ponytail in her hair. “Happy birthday,” said Fiona to him, kissing him on the cheek. then she danced with Dad her husband was there too .He was also had small stage in the big hall of his house where dancers danced