the milkman at the party

PC Richard was happy now his friend the milkman was happy so was his daughter happy birthday PC Richard happy birthday to you said the milkman giving him a carton of cream for his birthday tea how lovely said Mr jones its just what he needed they were all humans and not animals they never were it was the mechanic who said the milk float is fixed hurry up Sarah said the milkman to his daughter it was so nice to see him again the car was not badly broken but nothing much mechanic said it just needed an oil change his barber came to his house to to take Mr Jones to his shop on the green to give him a hair cut for his birthday .โ€œAfter Mr Jones had his hair cut, he looked at himself in the mirror and frowned. His hair was still too long for his liking. He wished he had asked the barber to cut it shorter he went out to a cafe to โ€œcelebrate his birthday with the milkman .