The jailer’s daughter

Richard was once a policeman Perhaps one day, Mr. Stuart’s cardboard figures came to life, transforming into the enigmatic PC Richard was in pajamas he was a policeman who had been turned in a a cardboard tube by a witch ouch said PC Richard that hurt sorry said the jailers daughter i didn’t mean it my dad is is in the bath he is a prison officer who had been mysteriously transformed into a cardboard tube by a witch. Ouch! PC Richard exclaimed, feeling the discomfort of his new form. he jailer’s daughter witnessing this peculiar scene, apologized sincerely. She hadn’t meant to cause any harm. Meanwhile, her father—the prison officer—was blissfully unaware, soaking in the home who was taken his place it was another policeman how do you do i have ink stop daydreaming my name is PC Paul to Mr Stuart, also known as Emmanuel, shares ingenious projects made entirely from