The boy who wanted ink

Tony, a curious boy, lived in a house adorned with mysterious prints. His walls whispered secrets, and neighbors wondered about the cryptic symbols. One day, Roger, an enigmatic traveler, appeared. He leaned close and whispered, “You need more ink.” Tony’s eyes widened. What did it mean? Was the house a portal to another world? Roger returned, “Again,” he said, “and never tire of it.” Tony’s obsession grew. He printed constellations, ancient runes, and forgotten maps. The townsfolk gossiped, but Tony persisted. Then came July—the air thick with magic. Tony stood in the garden, eyes wide. There it was: a shimmering doorway etched into the wall. Roger grinned. “See? You were meant to look beyond.” And so, Tony stepped through, leaving behind curious friends and a world that no longer believed its eyes i will by you ink the milkman will give you some its in the garage with cello tape the milkman said for you printer and computer and stop staring as well. i make things with cardboard tubes isn’t it silly