THE BIRTHDAY NIGHTMARE!!! This is not a prank it’s for real

You are probably thinking I never had a twin but I do Well I did But on my birthday When I was born On March 27, ‘2014 My twin sister came out of my mom’s belly dead I didn’t know this until I was like 3 years old.

My brother has the same birthday His birthday is March 27 2015 He was born on the same day so he was basically my birthday present But he’s still Wasn’t worth it At least it’s cold to tell that my brother literally has the same birthday as me the worst part is I have to share birthday with him I would have had to share a birthday with my sister If she was in dead Now I can’t get as much stuff as I actually could have got I don’t have a phone yet!! I’m so mad about it It’s probably because I have to share a stupid birthday with my brother and My birthday is like after Christmas When it’s getting hot in the spring But this year I’m gonna be at school On Wednesday