Spot goes to the farm

Spot and his dad Sam go to the farm to look for some baby animals. Sam drives his tractor and tells Spot to follow him. Spot goes to the stables and asks “Where are the baby horses?” The horse says “There are no foals here.” Spot goes to the barn and asks “Where are the baby cows?” The cow says “There are no calves here.” Spot goes to the sheep pen and asks “Where are the lambs?” The sheep says “There are no lambs here.” Spot sees a pond and jumps in. He meets a duck who says “Hello, Spot. Come and join us. We’re having fun.” Sam calls Spot from outside the pond and asks “What’s taking you so long?” Spot gets out of the pond and licks himself dry. He tells his dad that he is being very quiet. Sam says “Here’s a clue” and points to some pig sties. Spot hears some piglets squeaking and runs to them. The piglets say “We were beginning to think you were never going to see us.” Spot plays with them for a while. Then he goes back to his dad and they drive to Sally’s house. Sally shows Spot her kittens and says “Did Dad show you the piglets?” Spot says “Yes, but I showed him the kittens.”