Spot goes to a party

pot goes to a party
It all started when spot was having a not so quiet nap spot’s mum was a having a nap when they were woken up by a loud arph arph woof woof woof woof what was was was that it sounded like the letter box said sally and she went to the hall to investigate she came back with a letter in her mouth she dropped it at spot’s feet it is a letter and its for you spot its an invitation to a fancy dress party great a party at Helen’s i do hope steve and tom are going and spot said this is what i will wear my cowboy suit this is what i will wear a Helen’s fancy dress party spot arrived at Helen’s in his big cowboy waistcoat around his sholders his his yellow cowboy scarf arownd his neck and his big blue cowboy hat with a sheriff star on it he rang the bell helen said shouldn’t a cowboy have horse the other friend’s said the same thing to spot including tina the elephant who handed spot cakes Betsy the bear dressed up as a bee spot said i can’t find tom or steve and everyone says a cowboy like me should have a horse neigh there behind him there was a yellow horse with red and blue spots not exactly spot said the horse pull my head spot pulled and the head came off the horse costume to reveal steve hello spot said steve the monkey then tom was at the back of the horse costume should a cowboy have a horse then you’rd better hop tom and steve got back in their horse costume a gave spot a ride home
Spot a jolly and happy puppy
Sally spots mum who woke spot up from his nap
Helen is the one who is hosting the party she dressed up a a cat
Betsy the bear she dressed up as a bee
cowboy suit this is what spot wears to the party its a cowboy waistcoat on his shoulders a cowboy scarf round his neck and a big blue cowboy hat with sheriff star on it