Scal found dead at delivery house

Young Joshua Thomas Scali was found dead after a pizza box exploded at his commemorative coin meet. It was said that he was the only person at the meet and that none of the 18,000 coins were even in someone’s cart, nevermind purchased. It is said that he was high on the FBI watchlist and that at any moment he could strike with brutal force. The police department has named him as a threat to society and the peace of the United States, even after his death. It is believed that he was running an underground cloning society under the danvers house of pizza, his former place of employment. It was said that when the owners of dnavers house of pizza learned of Scal’s business that he was terminated immediately out of fear. Many believe that the pizza box explosion (Scal’s current side gig is delivery) was a hit from the United States Government in an attempt to keep peace in our nation. More on this story as it developes.