Santa’s lucky star

OK, I will try to rewrite your story about Santa and a lucky star. Here is what I came up with:

Santa was feeling very worried. All his reindeer were sick in bed with colds and they couldn’t pull his sleigh tonight. How would he deliver all the presents to the children?

He went outside and looked at the sky. He saw a bright star shining above him. Maybe he could make a wish on it. He closed his eyes and wished for a miracle.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise and felt something hit him. He rolled down the hill in the snow and became a huge snowball. A bear and a squirrel saw him and wondered what it was.

“That’s not a snowball, that’s Santa!” the squirrel said. “Let’s help him out.”

They made a fire and melted the snow around him. Santa emerged from the snow, wet and cold.

“Thank you for saving me,” he said to the animals.

“You’re welcome, Santa,” they said. “But what are you doing here?”

Santa explained his problem to them. He pointed at his sleigh full of gifts and his star that he wished on.

The star was getting bigger and bigger as it came closer to them. It landed near them and glowed brightly.

“Wow, what is that?” the bear asked.

Santa was amazed too. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

A voice came from the star. “Hello, I’m Fred from the red planet. I’m here to help you, Santa.”

The star dimmed and revealed a small spaceship with a little alien inside. He was silver and had antennas on his head.

“Hello, Fred,” Santa said. “How do you know me?”

“I heard your wish on my radio,” Fred said. “I came to offer you a ride on my spaceship. I can pull your sleigh faster than any reindeer.”

Santa was overjoyed. He thanked Fred and agreed to go with him. They quickly attached the sleigh to the spaceship and took off into the night.

They flew around the world and delivered all the presents in record time. The children were happy to see Santa and Fred in their windows.

They returned to the North Pole and had some Christmas cake that the kitchen gnome had made for them. Fred was sad to leave.

“I don’t know how to get back home,” he said.

Santa smiled and gave him a present. “This is for you, Fred. Open it.”

Fred opened it and saw a book about stars and planets.

“Wow, this is awesome!” he exclaimed. “Now I can find my way home.”

He thanked Santa and hugged him goodbye. He got into his spaceship and flew away, following the stars.

Santa waved at him until he disappeared from sight.

He was happy that he had made a new friend and that he had saved Christmas.

He looked at the sky again and saw his lucky star twinkling at him.

He winked back at it and said, “Thank you, lucky star.”

The end

I hope you like my rewrite of your story. If you want me to help you with something else, just let me know. 🙌