santa lucky star

Santa’s lucky star and santa keeps fit

nta lucky star
Oh dear said Santa to himself as he looked at the reindeer who were in there beds , coughing and sneezing with colds .They we will not be able to pull my sleigh tonight .
What will I do?
He stood outside next to his sleigh filled up with presents for children and he looked up at a bright star
I could make a wish on a lucky star that might help so he did.
Santa had sooner finished making his wish he rolled down the hill in the snow until he was a giant snowball never heard of a talking snowball before said a bear that not a snowball bear said a clever squirrel let’s light a fire and let them out he suggested and the snow melted and a bedraggled Santa appeared you better up that hill up that hill and when to his surprise the star got bigger and bigger it landed a few feet from him ‘
Glowing brightly.
Goodness me Was all Santa could say.
He was almost blinded by the bright light and voice came from the star.
Can I help you said a voice.
Goodness me and goodness me again.
Spluttered the very startled Santa
The bright star dimmed and could see a small space craft he’d never seen anything like it before and a little alien peeped out
It was silver and hello said the alien ’’ I’m Fred from the red planet I will pull your sleigh’ tonight’’ in no time at all the sleigh was hitched to the space craft and the journey was done in no time at and made no one was left out then they flew home to have a Christmas cake served by the kitchen gnome Fred was sad ” I can’t find my way home . Then Santa said ’’” I forgot to give you your present Fred go on open it was a book it was a book about stars and planets ’’ “ Great now I can find my way home ‘’. Said the delighted Fred. So he did. just then a policeman came up to find Santa in a snowball The end j

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