rain day

There was an old shoemaker who made shoes for a living. He lived with his wife in a small shop. One day, he said to his wife, “We have no more leather left. I can only make one more pair of shoes.” Just then, his friend from the shop next door came in. He said, “Hello, my name is Tony. I am a woodcarver and I carve toys. How can I help you?” “Would you come in? I will have a hot cup of tea,” the shoemaker said kindly and sat down. For it was cold outside, inside the shop there was an armchair near a warm fire. After he had finished his tea, he said to the woodcarver, “I am very hungry now. Would you like supper?” “Yes, please,” said the woodcarver happily. Because they were old friends, they had known each other since they were young boys at school. Now they were older men and kind men. “Sorry about the broken cup you smashed,” the shoemaker said. “No harm done, Morris. That’s what your name was, right?” the woodcarver said. “Here is your meal,” the shoemaker said. “You are so kind. Thank you,” Tony said. Morris smiled and sat down to eat with him. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. It was Tony’s wife and a policeman. “Sorry about the trouble I caused,” Tony’s wife said. “That’s all right,” the policeman said to them during supper. Mrs. Twiddle had a cold and her ears ached but she didn’t hear him very well. She thought he said, “You know there’s my friend Mr Jones? He said would you give him a suit because his clothes smell of fish and he’s been having to be in his boxer shorts. He can’t just be naked.” “No, of course not,” laughed the policeman and went to Mrs Twiddle’s house. He gave him a butcher’s white coat, an apron, smart trousers and brown shoes instead. Morris, the shoemaker, put them on and thanked him very much. “It’s just what I need,” he said. The woodcarver also gave him a suit of his own as a gift to give to Mr Pickwick who had been on a walk. Then it started to rain the milkman said to the policeman what bad weather it is to Mr Twiddle who was Mrs. twiddle’s husband