Paul’s puppy

The story follows Paul, who loves dogs and wishes to have a puppy of his own. However, his parents do not allow him to have one because they live in a small flat. Paul is very sad and does not want anything else for Christmas. He makes a wish on a star and writes a letter to Santa, hoping for a miracle.

On Christmas Eve, Paul goes to church with his parents and sings Silent Night. He does not know that he has a fairy godmother who hears his wish and decides to help him. She puts a puppy in Santa’s sleigh along with Paul’s other presents.

On Christmas Day, Paul is overjoyed to find a puppy under the tree. He names him Rags and plays with him happily. He thanks Santa and his lucky star for making his wish come true.d like all boys and girls Paul had a fairy godmother nobody saw her because she was invisible to children who said that boy want’s a puppy but his parents won’t let him have one what will i do she put the puppy in Santa’s sleigh with Paul’s other presents on Christmas Day Paul said to the puppy i will call you Rags and Rags barked gladly now Paul was happy He’s wish had came true .