mr majeka

Wilf was a wicked wizard who disguised himself as a school caretaker after Mr Jenks retired. But his true identity was soon revealed: he was the brother of the notorious Wilmina Worlock. Hamish Bigmore was his nephew.

After the old caretaker Mr Jenks left, Wilf took over his job. But he had a dark secret: he was a wicked wizard and the brother of Wilmina Worlock, the most feared witch in the world.

The school had a new caretaker: Wilf. He seemed harmless enough, but he was actually a wicked wizard in hiding. And he had a sinister connection to Wilmina Worlock, his evil sister and the mastermind of many dark deeds.

Mr Potter was the headmaster of St.Barty’s primary school. He was a kind and gentle man who loved his students and staff. He had no idea that his new caretaker, Wilf, was a wicked wizard and the brother of Wilmina Worlock.
Uncle Wilf later he said nothing to Mr Majeika he didn’r tell him his true nature
Mr Majeika was a true wizard who wore a bow tie and glasses. He worked as a teacher at St.Barty’s primary school. He knew that Wilf was up to no good, and he decided to confront him.
“How could you, Wilfred?” Mr Majeika said angrily. “How could you betray us all?” To Uncle Wilf
Later Wilmina worlock said to Mr Potter nastily because she was a very nasty person who could cast evil spells