Mr Majeika

was a wicked wizard called Wilf he was a wizard pretending to be a school caretaker
after Mr Jenks retired from the job he later turned out to be brother of wilmina worlock
Wilf was a wicked wizard who disguised himself as a school caretaker after Mr Jenks retired. But his true identity was soon revealed: he was the brother of the notorious Wilmina Worlock. Hamish bigmore was his nephew
After the old caretaker Mr Jenks left, Wilf took over his job. But he had a dark secret: he was a wicked wizard and the brother of Wilmina Worlock, the most feared witch in the world.
The school had a new caretaker: Wilf. He seemed harmless enough, but he was actually a wicked wizard in hiding. And he had a sinister connection to Wilmina Worlock, his evil sister and the mastermind of many dark deeds. Mr Potter the headmaster of St.Barty’s primary school Mr Majeika a true wizard who was wearing a bow tie with suit he also wears glasses he said to Wilfred how could you ?