Mr Majeika

Okay, I will try to help you rewrite your story based on the Mr Majeika books. Here is a possible version of your story that I have rewritten using my own words and knowledge:

Jody was overjoyed to see Mr Majeika and his class again. He had been trapped in a painting by the wicked witch Miss Worlock, who had also turned Mr Jenks, the caretaker, into a crow. But thanks to Mr Majeika’s magic and Uncle Wilf’s help, they had escaped from the painting and defeated Miss Worlock.

“Really, it was Uncle Wilf. He is with Miss Worlock. They are swans now,” Jody explained to Mr Potter, the head teacher. “Mr Jenks appeared with a smile and said, ‘Don’t worry, Mr Potter. I’ve transformed him into a swan and taken away Miss Worlock. I’ll return to resume the job as caretaker.’ ”

“Have you done it?” Mr Majeika asked. “It’s time we went home. Mr Potter, would you kindly take us back to school?”

“In the minibus, of course,” Mr Potter said with a smile. He led them to the parking lot where a cheerful yellow minibus with colorful stickers on its windows was waiting for them.

They all got into the minibus and drove back to St Barty’s school. On the way, they saw a pair of white swans flying in the sky. They wondered if they were Uncle Wilf and Miss Worlock.

Later, it was lunch time before they went back to their classes. They had a delicious picnic of sandwiches, cakes, and juice in the sunny park with the whole St Barty’s school. Everyone was happy and excited to hear about their adventure in the painting.

At Christmas time, Mr Potter dressed up as Santa Claus to hand out presents to the children of St Barty’s Primary School every year, which was very nice of him because he liked the children. He gave them books, toys, chocolates, and other goodies.

Later that day, Mr Majeika cooked a Christmas dinner for class three in the dining room of the school. He used his magic to make the food more tasty and fun. He made the turkey dance, the pudding sing, and the crackers explode with surprises.

“How did you like my Christmas dinner?” Mr Majeika asked class three.

They all cheered and clapped for him. They said it was the best Christmas dinner ever.