king edward

following them. He felt sorry for the poor creature and decided to give it some of his cream as a treat. The cat was delighted and licked the cream with gusto. It purred and rubbed its head against the milkman’s leg, showing its affection and gratitude. The milkman smiled and stroked the cat’s fur, feeling a bond with the animal.

He asked PC Richard if he could keep the cat as a pet. PC Richard agreed, saying that he liked cats and that he thought the cat would make a good companion for the milkman. He also said that he had a spare room in his house where the cat could stay until the milkman found a place of his own. The milkman the what happened to his letter to thanked PC Richard for his hospitality and generosity, and said that he would take good care of the cat.
and gave it to the king
The cat was overjoyed and jumped into the milkman’s arms, snuggling with him. It felt happy and safe with its new friend. It decided to name itself Creamy, after its favorite food and its white fur. It looked forward to spending many happy days with the milkman and PC Richard, who became its new family.