Jessica and her brother oz.

Jessica lived with her big brother Oz in a huge house by the sea. They had a playroom where they could have fun and games. One day, Oz got a phone call from his friends who invited him to play basketball with them. Oz was mean to his little sister and left her alone. He went to the basketball court where one of his friends saw Jessica following them. “What is she doing here?” Jed asked.
Oz and Jessica were siblings who shared a large house near the ocean. Their house had a special room for playing and having fun. However, Oz was not very nice to his sister Jessica. He often ignored her or teased her. One day, he received a call from his buddies who wanted him to join them for a game of basketball. He agreed and quickly left the house, without caring about Jessica. She decided to follow him secretly and see what he was doing. When he arrived at the court, one of his friends noticed her. “What is she doing here?” Jed wondered.
The sea was always in sight from the big house where Oz and Jessica lived. They had a room full of toys and games where they could play together. But Oz did not like playing with his sister Jessica. He thought she was annoying and boring. One day, he got a call from his pals who asked him to come and play basketball with them. He said yes and ran out of the house, leaving Jessica behind. She was curious and followed him quietly to see where he was going. When he got to the court, one of his friends spotted her. “What is she doing here?” Jed questioned.