Does’nt santa know Jed

Poppy was left behind.

He tells him that he spent months looking for Poppy, following every clue he could find. He tells him that he joined the orchestra because he heard that Poppy loved music and played the violin. He tells him that he pretended to be a girl because he thought it would be easier to blend in and get close to Poppy.

He tells him that he never meant to hurt him or deceive him. He tells him that he was just trying to find his friend and save her from Dr Miller’s experiment. He tells him that he is sorry for everything, and that he hopes he can forgive him .Santa Claus came on his sleigh to see what happened to them as it was Christmas eve
After that Jed went with Santa Claus to have Christmas lunch
He signs the letter as “Jed”, ot “Jenny”, and sends it back to the violinist’s lawyer.

The end.